Driver's Ed
$610 Includes Road Test at our school!

We are holding ONLINE Driver's Ed courses on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM. There are 15 classes -two hours each. Students can take classes in any order since each class is a different topic. Students can make up classes missed when they rotate through again in 5 weeks. (Students just need to be 16 years old to start, they do NOT need a permit to start - to obtain a permit students must go to - the Department of Motor Vehicle website to sign up for a permit test).

Included in our program are four 2-hour driving lessons and students take the driving test right at our school if they are between the ages of 16 -21. We can bring students 22 and over to their test at the DMV for an additional charge.

The BEST part is students will not need to go to the DMV for their road test:
  • The DMV will mail the driver's license to students after having passed the test at our school!
  • You will be able to pay the fee of $84 for your license and fill out the required forms for the DMV which we overnight to the DMV.
  • The DMV will mail licenses to the students. Students who pass can drive with their permit and Road Test Evaluation form as their Driver's license for 20 days during which time they will receive their driver's license from the DMV in the mail!

Most insurance companies give a discount for the full driver's ed program! You can register here online or call our office.

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